Q&A: Frequently asked questions

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We tried to identify the most frequently asked questions by users. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.

How to spy on a mobile phone?

Mobile phone spying requires access to the phone to install spyware. However, it is also possible to do this remotely. To install such software and access the contents of the phone it will be necessary to go through a monitoring application.

How to spy on a phone remotely?

To spy on the contents of a mobile phone remotely you need a compatible application. This spy app will use the phone’s cloud data to display all the data. If the user has an old phone, spying will be impossible.

Is the spyware really free?

Our website features a spyware that works with a license. However, a trial version can be obtained at on the site. You can find all the details of activating the 7-day trial on the partner website.

How do I install a spyware on a phone?

First, you will need to download spyware that is compatible with the target’s phone. Next, you will need to install the software via a manual installation or via the cloud data account. Remote spying does not require physical access to the target’s phone.

How to uninstall a spyware on a phone?

You can uninstall a spyware by using the associated command in the application. To do this, log into your member space and click «stop monitoring». The spyware will disappear permanently from the phone, without manual action.

Is it legal to use a spyware?

The first answer to that question must be no. In most cases, the use of such software is not legal. However, if you comply with the conditions of justified and transparent monitoring, you can use such a software. The target’s user must be aware of the monitoring carried out via this software and must have given his explicit consent.

How to locate a phone?

Locating a phone often involves using a spyware. To do this, you can install a spyware in the target’s phone. Once installed, go to «geolocate a device». This section will give you access to the exact position of the target’s smartphone.

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