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Phone Spyware legislation

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First of all, this article was created to inform you about the use of spyware for personal and spying purposes. We will treat this article on the basis of French law because the website is written in French. If you are a resident of another country, please refer to the laws in force in your territory.


A brief reminder of the law is needed:

The Criminal Code (Article 226-1) punishes by one year’s imprisonment and a fine of EUR 45 000 for violating the privacy of others. The same penalties apply to the interception of telecommunications or the installation of equipment designed for this purpose (Article 226-15).

You will have understood, in most cases, the use of phone spyware is illegal. In fact, if you use such software to intercept communications, you are committing a crime a France.

The question of privacy is very important in France. The issue of personal data too. The emergence of new laws such as the GDPR or the regulations on the use of cookies proves this.

Examples of uses prohibited by law:

  • You are suspicious about your spouse’s loyalty and want to prove it via a spyware.
  • You are a parent and you want to set up surveillance of your adult child’s phone.
  • You want to read someone’s conversations without their knowledge.
  • You want to know your spouse’s location without them being informed.

In short, as you will have understood, there are many criminal uses. Be very careful when using the software to intercept data. You will need to ensure that your use of the software is strictly within the law. Without it, you risk heavy fines or jail time. Spying is punishable by severe penalties.

Also, be aware that it will be impossible for you to make up any evidence of deception or other, via such software. Since it is forbidden to spy on a motive (or any other device), the evidence will be inadmissible. Worse still, you may be subject to penalties as well.

There is no need to go through a private detective and ask him to set up such surveillance. His answer will be NO. He risks his job! It will inform you of the risks and penalties incurred fairly quickly.


  • You want to restrict access to certain sites for your minor child.
  • You want to limit your child’s smartphone access time.
  • You set up a monitoring «pact» between yourself and your spouse if you have something to prove (for example).
  • You want to locate your mobile at all times.
  • You want to set up surveillance of your company’s equipment and restrict access (be careful the employee must be informed, have signed an agreement and know the extent of the surveillance exercised in all points).

Many other usage cases would still be listed. But you understand it: either you inform the person or you have the right (and duty) to protect the person. For example, your minor child.

Also, when it comes to monitoring your children and putting in place parental controls, know that they have rights. You cannot interfere in the privacy of a child or young person without reading the various laws governing this practice.

You know what they say: no one is supposed to ignore the law. It is applicable for that reason.


We do not encourage visitors of this site to subscribe to a license to illegally spy on a smartphone. We offer a software that allows you to spy on a mobile legally. The user’s choice will determine this last point.

Take the example of a knife dealer. Yes, it is possible to hurt someone with it, but will the seller be worried for that?

We have this philosophy. Please use this software within the framework of French law and be careful not to violate it. Privacy is important. Especially in the digital age. Confidence and discussion may be necessary to move forward. We know that it can be tempting to enter a vicious circle with these new softwares. Don’t fall into it.

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