Spy on a phone without installation and remotely

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Many people are not yet aware that today there are several ways to spy on a phone without remote installation. While some people know spyware as a way to spy on a phone remotely, few people still know that a few can be used without installation. Yes, sophisticated and innovative spyware like Spyfer can be used to spy on a phone without installation. So you won’t need to install Spyfer on the target’s phone to be able to monitor your loved ones. You have the possibility to activate Spyfer on the phone you want to spy on from your phone or computer.

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Revolutionary, Spyfer is currently an indispensable tool for spying and remote surveillance. The software offers many features that can allow you to spy on any phone, whether on iOS or Android. However, spyware doesn’t stop there because it can be used without installation on the target’s phone, for all those who can’t get the phone to spy on…


As a remote phone spy software, Spyfer allows us to spy on phones that are miles away from us. We don’t need to have the target’s phone in our hands all the time to look at what’s in it. With Spyfer, you can see everything that happens on another phone without it being in our hands…

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Want to spy on a phone remotely when you have no access to it? In fact, you do not know the decryption scheme of the phone or its code and you have a lot of trouble to get it… In this case, Spyfer offers you a solution that allows you to spy on a phone without access. Without knowing any password, you can enter the target’s phone and take a look at everything that is going on…


When you want to monitor someone else’s phone, it’s still not easy to get it to install a free spyware like Spyfer. Because of this, many people abandon the idea of spying on a phone remotely. However, spying on a phone is proving to be an additional means of protecting loved ones, especially children, from harassers, kidnappers and other malicious individuals. If you couldn’t access the phone you want to spy on, don’t give up spying right away, especially when it comes to protecting your loved ones. Instead, use spyware without installation. Yes, this type of software exists and allows you to access all data on the target’s phone without the need to install. Spyfer spyware is part of this type of monitoring program. Indeed, although Spyfer can be installed on the target’s phone, you can also use it without installation.


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Your child has gone on a trip and you forgot to install a spy app on his phone? You wanted to know the data stored in your spouse’s laptop, but you don’t know any of his passwords? You want to know what your employee is doing with his or her phone, but for now, you’re too far away? No problem! With the advance of technology, you can now spy on a phone without installing a specific software… In fact, there are already many ways to spy on a phone without access. Just do a little internet search to see some examples. So, among all these methods, we advise you to opt for spyware without installation, which remains the safest way to spy on a phone that you have no access to. If you want to learn a little more about how to spy on a phone without installation, please continue to read.

How can you spy on a phone without installation?

When sorting through the different ways found on the Internet, there are two ways to spy on a phone without installation.

For starters, there are the video tutorials that are most often found on YouTube. In most cases, these tutorials are developed by professionals who are already used to manipulating complex software and encoding to spy on a phone without access. If you are not a professional in the field of remote espionage or in the field of computer science, you can easily get lost by following these tutorials. In fact, many of these tutorials take us to sites that offer us either paid and expensive software, advertisements, or worse, viruses in our computer. You should therefore be very careful when deciding to follow the path dictated by the video tutorials. Make sure that the channel or account that broadcasts the video is completely reliable.

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There is a reliable program

You can spy on a phone without installation thanks to a spyware. Yes, some spywares can be functional even if you do not install it in the target’s phone. This is the case, for example, with the Spyfer surveillance program. This free spyware allows you to spy on a phone without access, without installation and remotely. By using Spyfer, you no longer need to get the phone of a loved one, child, spouse or employee to know what they are doing. Be careful though, because some steps must be taken to convert Spyfer into spyware without installation.

What is a spyware without installation?

More specifically, what exactly is a spyware without installation? Spyware is an algorithm developed by developers that is used to spy on and access the content of a remote electrical device, usually a phone. A spyware can be installed as software on your computer or as a smartphone app.

State of play

Currently, a spyware has many features that help us know what the person we want to spy is doing: phone geolocation, spying on phone calls and SMS messages, monitoring social networks and internet activity, Tinder etc. Typically, a spyware needs to be installed on the target’s phone before it can be activated. However, thanks to advances in technology, some spywares can be used without touching the target’s phone. And it is these types of spywares that are called spywares without installation.

How does remote phone spyware work?

Spyware without installation is used differently depending on the operating system of the smartphone you are spying on.

If the target’s phone is an iOS smartphone, i.e. an iPhone, you have the option to spy on the phone without installation. To do this, get the phone owner’s Apple ID and password. Then, install Spyfer in your phone or computer and set your account to yourself. After that, go to the Spyfer app or website and log in to your account. Then go to your personal control panel and enable monitoring of the target’s smartphone by inserting the Apple account ID and password. With this username and password, you will have access to iCloud and thus all the data and activities performed on the phone to be monitored.

Spying on a phone without access seems more difficult on Android smartphones, but it’s not impossible… On Android, you won’t have an ID or password to know. You must therefore indirectly push the owner to install Spyfer in his phone. Same for Samsung phones. How? By asking him to click on an installation link. For example, send your spouse or child a photo or video by email. With this file, include the installation link. If the person you want to spy on is not suspicious, they can click on the link without knowing anything. So Spyfer installation will start on the target’s phone and you could monitor everything from your own phone.

Spy on a phone without access: Spyfer benefits

Spyfer has many advantages when it comes to phone spying. First, the software is free. You can then test remote monitoring without having to spend money, as you usually do with other softwares. Second, Spyfer offers many features to spy on a phone remotely. In fact, you have the possibility to see where the target’s phone is, to read emails, messages and private messages on social networks, to filter calls, etc. Third, Spyfer offers another alternative to people who cannot access the target’s phone because yes, it can be a spyware without installation.

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