Free Phone Spyware: The Best in 2024

Spy a phone for free and track your children, spouse, or employees with Spyfer software. Available on iOS and Android, Spyfer guarantees the security of your data and allows you to momentarily consult the phone of your loved ones.

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To be used as a parental control or a monitoring app, Spyfer is a free mobile spyware that makes your life easier…


Created with the aim of securing the activities and frequentations of our relatives, Spyfer is a free spyware. You can download it directly for free. Spyfer is used as free mobile spyware on smartphones and tablets, allowing you to spy on a phone remotely at any time and in any place. Spyfer spy app allows you to access social networks, SMS, calls, emails, WhatsApp or GPS location of another phone. All of this is free and transparent! The platform is exclusively online and allows access to content directly.

Free phone spyware

Want to keep your loved ones safe? Monitor the activity of your employees or certain competitors? Do not hesitate and opt for the free Spyfer mobile spyware…


As a parent, it remains important to keep our children safe, to know the sites they visit and to block bad traffic. Similarly, to build a relationship of trust with your spouse, having access to your mobile phone is an asset that should not be neglected (with their consent). Finally, if you want to make sure your business runs smoothly, you can start by spying on your employees’ phones. In these three cases, Spyfer intervenes to facilitate your task. This free spyware allows you to watch what your children, partner and employees are doing on their smartphones. Thanks to Spyfer, spying on a phone has never been easier and free…

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Know what your loved ones are doing at any time of the day! Spyfer, this free mobile spyware software lets you benefit from its innovative features to know, secure, block, and protect. With an easy-to-handle interface, you can view your loved ones’ mobile from your own mobile. Revolutionary, this free spyware is perhaps the application that your smartphone is missing… In fact, discover below the many features of the Spyfer mobile application.

the best phone spyware for free

Access SMS with free spyware

Want to know the text messages your loved ones send or receive? Need to know which numbers are communicating with your children or spouse? Using Spyfer, you can access all the SMS messages from another phone.

Spyfer to monitor Messenger

Messenger is currently the popular app for communicating in text messages or for making phone calls. With Spyfer, monitor the Messenger account of your acquaintances and block people who seem malicious to you. Spying Messenger is as simple as child’s play with this powerful software!

Keep an eye on iMessage with free spyware

Would you like to know what your family or employees are sending on iMessage? This app available on iPhone is unmissable! Install Spyfer free mobile spyware on your smartphone and check another phone’s iMessage whenever you want.

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Free phone spyware that reaches Instagram…

Spyfer is an innovator that also gives you access to the famous social network Instagram. This will give you access to publications, comments, subscriptions, and private messages from another account. Spy an Instagram account after installation, remotely or not.

Spy Snapchat for free with Spyfer

Need to spy on the Snapchat of someone you know for free? This can be done in a few steps: download, install and connect to Spyfer.

Locate a phone with free spyware

Spyfer is also a free phone spyware that allows you to locate a phone using GPS. This way, you can know the whereabouts of your loved ones.

Need to spy on a phone without remote installation? Choose Spyfer…

For different reasons, you need to spy on a phone without remote installation? Choose the free Spyfer software and use it easily to get your way.

The best free mobile spyware to observe what is happening on Facebook

With its millions of users, Facebook is a social network that allows you to share, like, communicate, watch videos or photos, etc. To observe the Facebook account of your acquaintances, use Spyfer.

Enable Parental Controls with Free Spyware

As a parent, you need to control what your children do on the internet? Have access to full parental control with Spyfer. You can check your children’s history, watch their activity, and block certain sites.

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To be installed in your smartphone, Spyfer is the first free phone spyware that gives you full access to all social networks, messages, emails, calls and the internet of another smartphone. But on which devices can this spyware be used?

phone spyware for free

Free spyware for IPhone

The designers of Spyfer created this mobile app to suit the iOS system. If you are an iPhone user, you can easily find Spyfer from the Apple Store, download, and install it. If you want to know more, please visit « free iPhone spyware ».

Free spyware for Android

Currently, many smartphone brands have adopted Android technology. If you are one of those people who own an Android, whether it’s a phone or tablet, you can easily find and use Spyfer. For more information, see the page dedicated to « spyware for Android free ».

Free spyware for Samsung

Spyfer is not only free spyware for iPhones. With a Samsung laptop, you can get it in just a few clicks. It will accompany you to spy on a phone for free. If you want more details, you can read the page « spyware for Samsung free ».


At the moment, there are several spyware programs that are suitable for all types of smartphones. The use of these spyware products is completely legal and may be free or subject to a fee depending on the manufacturer or functionality. Spyfer is a free spyware application that has many properties that are searched for in this type of application (GPS location, access to messages and social networks, call filters, parental controls, etc.). However, why do we need spyware on our smartphone? And what are the benefits of free phone spyware?

Free spyware to keep a good eye on your children

Today, children are increasingly exposed to the Internet and mobile devices from an early age. Indeed, the number of children aged around 5 who already know how to use a smartphone has been increasing in recent years. They start by using their parents’ phones, then those they see in their schools until they get their own phones. Although useful for talking remotely with your child, the phones expose the child to various potential dangers: Malicious or pornographic site, account hacking, bad dating, inappropriate photo sharing, etc. These risks, children are not always aware of. It is now the parents’ turn to take the initiative to monitor their children’s activities with their phones.

Enjoy a couple’s life with confidence with free spyware Spyfer

Free mobile spyware like Spyfer is doing couples more and more good, as it helps to bond relationships with your partner. If you also want to know what your spouse is doing on his or her mobile, don’t hesitate to ask him or her to use mobile spyware together. Connect your two devices to find out what’s happening momentarily in each other’s smartphone. When using Spyfer, for example, you can read your partner’s messages, know their calls, access their accounts and social networks, watch what they do on their phone, etc. Using free spyware within your couple can help build a relationship of trust, as long as it is mutual.

If you decide to spy on your spouse’s phone without his or her consent, you are exposed to certain risks. First, this action is prohibited by law and may be punishable by fines or imprisonment. Then it can break your relationship if your spouse discovers that you are secretly spying on him or her or discovers that he or she is unfaithful. Be careful if you decide to use free spyware. Preferably, get your spouse’s consent before resorting to Spyfer, unless of course you suspect something that may harm your relationship (in this case it will be 100% illegal).

The free phone spyware gives us access to many properties…

In addition to using your child’s phone or your spouse’s phone, free phone spyware has other properties that may benefit you from using it. In the case of Spyfer software, you will be entitled to many benefits besides its free tag, which is already a rare thing. Let’s see below the other assets you might have by adopting free mobile spyware.

  • GPS location: With free spyware, you can know the exact location of a smartphone. If you are monitoring someone with, you even have the right to define a specific area. In case the person leaves this area, your phone will be immediately notified by the spyware. This feature is very handy for knowing if your children are following their usual route, for example.
  • Observation of calls and messages: With this property of free mobile spyware, you can watch all the calls and messages of the phone connected to yours. As an individual, free spyware will keep you informed of your loved ones’ whereabouts. As a professional, you can monitor what your employees are doing.
  • Access to social networks: Free phone spyware like Spyfer also offers full access to all social networks like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, etc. With this you can see what your loved ones are doing on the internet and with whom they communicate. You can even block some contacts that seem fishy to you.
  • Internet History: The free mobile spyware software also allows you to know the internet history of the monitored device. You can even go further and activate the Parental Controls feature if certain sites are to be banned.

Of course, there are other features that can push you to adopt free phone spyware. To learn more about these features, you can start by downloading the software for free.

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Spyfer is a free and easy-to-use mobile spyware that you can get from your mobile with nothing but an internet connection!

Download Spyfer

From this site. When the application is detected, click « Download ». You can also view details, information, and notices about the application before downloading free spyware.

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Install Spyfer

When you click download, Spyfer automatically installs itself on the phone. Make sure you have enough space available in your internal storage or memory card.

Connect Spyfer

Once installed, open Spyfer and connect it to your phone and the phones you want to spy on. Follow the instructions to start using it.


Are you one of those parents who needs to know what your kids are doing when you’re at work? Perhaps you wanted to be sure that they are well at school and that once at home they do not use their smartphones or tablets for harmful purposes.

In your couple life too, do you want to know where your partner is going and with whom he/she is talking (with his/her consent)? If so, don’t waste your time trying to be anxious or guessing without being sure. Go for certainty and use free spyware like Spyfer. With Spyfer, your loved one’s mobile device will have a phone snitch that will keep you up to date with what they’re doing on the phone and where they’re going. Does that intrigue you a little? That’s normal. Today, few people are aware of the usefulness of free spyware. What if we find out together?

Free spyware for mobile phone, what is it?

Also known as spyware applications, surveillance programs or spyware. Spyware is an algorithm that can be installed on a computer or on a phone and used to monitor a phone. With spyware, you can trace the activities of another phone (calls, internet, messages, photo, video, etc. ) and record them. Apart from spying on a phone for free, spyware like Spyfer also has other necessities. Using spyware, you can remove, store, or protect data inside a mobile phone. It is also possible to secure your phone to prevent such a spyware attack.

In case of theft, loss, or breakage of the phone in question, you can very well recover all this data already backed up. Finally, mobile spyware is primarily an application that allows you to monitor a phone remotely, track messages, calls, emails, and internet history. But it also remains a software that helps protect the data inside your phone. With all its features, it will not be surprising to see that you too would be tempted using a free phone spyware.

Free mobile spyware: for whom and why?

While spyware used to be for professionals like the police, today it is perfectly legal to use free spyware when you are a private individual. All you need is a legal authorization on the phone you will be monitoring. Specifically, there are three different cases where you could spy on a phone remotely for free.

1st case: You have the right to monitor your minor child’s phone

If you have a minor child, it is perfectly within your right to install spyware to monitor their phone. Although it is best to inform your minor child that you have connected both your phones with a spy app, there is no law that requires you to disclose this information. As long as your child is a minor, using free spyware on their phone is considered parental control. You should look at the laws in your country to be sure.

2nd cases: You can install spyware on your employees’ phones

If you have a company with several employees, you also have the right to install mobile spyware on their phones. Because they work in your company, phones are also considered your property. You can place a monitoring program in your employees’ phones to ensure that your company’s data is not transmitted to your competitors. Be careful though, as you must warn employees in advance with a letter before spying on their phones.

3rd case: You have the possibility to spy on the phone of an adult for free (but beware of the law)

If for personal reasons, you have to spy on the phone of someone you know (family, friend, spouse, etc. ), know that you can do it with free software like Spyfer. However, first of all, be sure to inform the owner of the mobile phone and have his permission to monitor. Indeed, if spyware is used on the phone of an adult without his consent, this is considered an invasion of privacy. You may be fined or imprisoned for spying on a phone without the owner’s permission.

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Spy a phone for free: how to do it with a software?

With spyware, you can easily and discreetly spy on someone else’s phone. However, to install the software on the target’s phone, you must first take the phone and manually install it.

Here are the steps to installing spyware:

Unlock target’s phone: Before you can install free mobile spyware, you must first unlock the target’s phone. In other words, you need to know the unlock code or scheme.

Unbridle the mobile device to spy on: Although not always mandatory, it is important to unbridle the target’s phone. This is so you can make the most of Spyfer’s spyware features. To unbridle an Android smartphone, you need a rooter. On an iPhone, it’s more like a jailbreaker. If you don’t know how to unbridle a phone, check out some tutorials. There are a lot of them on the Internet on video.

Install Spyfer: The target’s phone is now ready to receive the free Spyfer software. From the app stores, install Spyfer and enjoy total monitoring. By the way, Spyfer is 100% discreet and its icon can be invisible on the phone to be spied on.

Connect to your personal area: By downloading Spyfer, you will have the right to a personal space with your login information, that is, an identifier and a password. With your login, log in to Spyfer on any other mobile device or on a computer. From then on, it will no longer be necessary to have the phone to spy on. From your personal area, you can already follow the activities initiated by the target’s phone and receive the various spying reports.

Configure spying options: From your personal area, configure the different spying options you want to apply to the target’s phone. For example, you can prioritize monitoring on social networks, call filtering, geolocation, etc. Depending on your preferences, Spyfer will spy on the target’s phone for free and give you the reports of these preferences even if you are absent.

Convenient and easy to use, Spyfer is the free spyware you absolutely must get. Protect your loved ones or their phones at any time of the day…

What can we do with Spyfer?

With Spyfer you will have access to various features that allow you to spy on a phone for free. Indeed, Spyfer is an innovative program with sophisticated phone spying options.

In summary, here are some properties you can apply using Spyfer:

  • Reading emails sent and received by email address in target’s phone
  • Report on duration and date of incoming and outgoing phone calls to be spied
  • Reading messages sent and received by the phone
  • Reading messages already deleted from phone
  • Tracing the GPS position of the target’s phone in real time
  • Monitoring of different target’s phone activities on social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.
  • Observation of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Blocking unwanted calls
  • Spying on different instant messaging applications (e.g. Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Instagram, Kik, etc.)
  • Make available the list of apps installed in the phone
  • Blocking unwanted or dangerous applications
  • Inspection of target’s mobile device directory and schedule
  • Receive alerts when the target’s phone types keywords you have defined
  • Tracking the different websites visited in the target’s phone
  • Blocking pornographic websites
  • Geographical definition of danger zones and safety zones
  • Receive alerts when the target’s phone is in a danger zone
  • Tracing Wi-Fi networks used by the target’s phone and connection sharing
  • Monitoring the internet history and bookmarks of the target’s phone
  • A keylogger function that looks at the different words typed in the target’s phone’s keyboard, possibility to see passwords, unsent drafts, etc.

Spyfer, what are the other benefits?

Apart from the various benefits mentioned rather on the use of Spyfer, know that this free mobile spyware also has other not insignificant advantages that makes it, a software not like the others…

  • Free monitoring features

Unlike other spy phone apps, Spyfer is available as a free version. With this, you can benefit from many features without paying a monthly or annual subscription. Spyfer is therefore a spyware phone made available for everyone whether they have a precise budget or not. With this, you can secure your loved ones’ phones and monitor your acquaintances without having to spend a single penny.

  • Easy to use interface

Spyfer is also a convenient and easy to use interface. Yes, you don’t have to be a computer expert to be able to spy on a phone for free, block calls from another phone, watch messages and emails, etc. With the Spyfer interface, you can easily access the screen of your target’s phone, read spy reports, and enjoy many other features, whether on your own phone or on your computer. With Spyfer, spying on a phone becomes both simple and free…

  • Fast and discreet application

Because it is primarily a free mobile spyware, Spyfer has been designed to provide total transparency. Indeed, the target’s phone will not notice any change when looking at its mobile device. If you don’t keep your child informed, for example, they won’t know by opening their smartphone that it is being monitored by free phone spyware.

  • Effective updates

With Spyfer, enjoy updates adapted to any operating system (Android, iOS, etc.). Indeed, hard-working developers are closely following the evolution of the latest systems related to geolocation, call monitoring, messages, emails, social networks, etc.

  • A customer service that listens

At Spyfer, you have at your disposal a 24/7 listening customer service. Our experts will advise you on your various problems related to the free mobile spyware software both in installation and in use. If you have any other suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us by email. We are also partnering with mSpy software. Check out our full review of the market leading spyware!

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