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Thanks to the rapid development of technology, we can now know the GPS position of a person anywhere in the world. How? Using a free phone spyware to locate a phone for free. Since our smartphones all have a GPS tracker, we have the easy ability to know where the smartphone is at any given time. With Spyfer, enjoy the geolocation feature for free! This free spyware will allow you to use the GPS location feature to find out where your loved ones are at any time of the day. This gives you the opportunity to protect them in case of danger. Of course, apart from locating a mobile for free, Spyfer has other properties that you can see in the features section.

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Thanks to Spyfer, you can keep up to date on all the trips made by your loved ones! You’ll see exactly where they are at the time you enable the geolocation feature. This will allow you to make sure your children or spouse are safe. In addition, you can define danger zones in advance and in case your relatives are in these zones, you will be immediately notified.


Spyfer also allows you to view the comings and goings of the phone you’re spying on at a set time. Because Spyfer spyware automatically records travel reports, you only need to type a specific date and time and see where your loved one was at that time. You will easily know whether or not your child has followed a route or taken another route.


Locating a phone for free becomes very easy when you are using Spyfer spyware. With its convenient and manageable interface, you only have to log in to your personal area to receive all geolocation reports. Spyfer does not require a great deal of computer knowledge to have the ability to geolocate a phone.


Did you know that? Every 40 seconds, children are reported missing or abducted. Yes, we are no longer safe, even in our own neighborhood because of kidnappers, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, etc. It is then more than important to locate a phone so that we can protect our loved ones. If we can use technology to keep our family or friends safe, why not? With Spyfer, you can not only locate a phone for free, but also set up security zones and danger zones beforehand. So if your child is in a danger zone, Spyfer will inform you. In addition, locating a mobile for free remains an asset to protect the phone itself in case of theft or if you have misplaced it somewhere. With Spyfer, you could easily find your phone.

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Nowadays, the telephone is used for almost everything. First, it is the first means of remote communication (calls, messages, e-mails, etc.). Then the phone allows us to share our life on social networks, with our friends. Afterwards, a smartphone also serves as a camera, gadget for the applications we need daily and storage of personal or business data. In short, the telephone is a device used for almost everything in life! That’s why we always need to protect our phone or that of our loved ones. It becomes natural to put an app to geolocate your phone at any time. If you’re looking for a free app that lets you track your phone or someone you know, look to Spyfer. Spyfer spyware allows you to locate a phone for free at any time of day…


When we have selected the causes that can cause a person to geolocate a phone, we come to the conclusion that there are three main reasons that lead us to locate a phone for free. First, we locate a phone to protect our loved ones. Secondly, we use a GPS plotter to protect our business data. Third, we turn on the geolocation feature so our phone doesn’t get stolen.

Locate a phone to protect your loved ones

Who doesn’t want to protect their loved ones, especially their children? With the frenetic pace of life, we can’t always call our loved ones to find out where they are and what they are doing. And that’s where the free Spyfer comes in. When using Spyfer, you don’t have to ask your children or partner where they are, you just have to locate their phone for free. This way, you will know if they are where they should be. Locating your loved one’s mobile will help keep your loved ones safe. They can come and go without risk of getting lost or being kidnapped.

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Locate a phone for free to protect your business data

If you have a business and employ employees, Spyfer’s geolocation feature may be useful. The use of Spyfer will allow you to know the movements of your employees and thus protect your business data. Indeed, if one of your employees has an appointment with a competitor for example, you could be immediately notified thanks to the geolocation feature of the spyware. However, your employees should be aware that you are using a monitoring program to locate their mobile devices for free.

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Locate a mobile for free to prevent thefts

With Spyfer, you can locate a phone for free, even yours! By installing the spyware on your own phone, you can see from another device where it is located. So if you’re having your phone stolen or you’ve forgotten it somewhere, just log on to Spyfer to find it. Geolocating a phone is easy when you use sophisticated spywares like Spyfer. Just log in to your personal area and you’re done. As a bonus, Spyfer remains accessible to all, because it is completely free!


When it comes to finding a phone for free, Spyfer is by far the best spyware to use. Discover below the many advantages of using this program to locate a mobile for free. In addition to phone localization, it offers advanced features. Spying on SMS, spying on Instagram… and is compatible with Android, iPhone, Samsung and many other phones!

Untraceable spyware

The first advantage to using Spyfer to locate a phone is the discretion of the spyware. Indeed, the phone where you will install Spyfer will not even detect that it contains a spyware, because Spyfer is untraceable. It activates in the background on the target’s phone screen. It can also spy on a phone without installation, remotely.

Free spyware

Spyfer is one of the few completely free spyware programs that allows you to geolocate a phone without any problem. By adopting Spyfer, you don’t need to spend a single penny on a subscription, yet you have access to the same features that a paid spyware has.

Easy-to-handle spyware

Thanks to Spyfer, finding a phone for free is very easy. Simply log in to your Spyfer account from your phone or computer and read geolocation reports. These reports show the movements of the target’s phone at a time already past as well as its movements at the present time.

Geolocation spyware

Finally, Spyfer software is a geolocation spy software with all the latest features like geofencing. This allows you to set up security zones and danger zones in advance and to know which places are most visited by your relatives.

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As easy as it may seem, locating a phone for free is not entirely legal if you don’t ask for permission from the person to be monitored. And not just any authorization! Your loved ones must provide you with written permission to use Spyfer to locate their mobile for free. If you don’t have this permission, you can’t geolocate a phone without committing a crime. So don’t forget to tell your loved ones before you decide to locate a mobile for free. Similarly, for your employees, you also need written permission to monitor their personal phones. If your employees use mobile devices owned by your company, you will not need authorization to install Spyfer on these phones.

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