Spying on a WhatsApp account with Spyfer

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As a precaution or as a security measure, many people feel the need to monitor (so as to secure) their loved one via their phone or WhatsApp account. To do this, they use spyware like Spyfer to hack into the account to access information and see the messages the target’s person is exchanging on that social network. For your information, Spyfer is a free spy application and is compatible with all types of devices. But how do people use it to spy on a WhatsApp account?

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BEFORE YOU START FOLLOWING THIS TUTORIAL (INFORMATIVE): Please refer to the laws in force in your country. We are not responsible for your use of spyware. You must use it on a device you own.

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Before spying on a WhatsApp account, it is important to register on the Spyfer official website. In fact, it is from your Spyfer account that you will have access to your target’s personal data and see everything that happens on their WhatsApp page.

To do this, go to the site and search for the «registration». Then follow all the instructions. Once you have completed the registration form, you will receive a validation email as soon as possible. In addition to a welcome and confirmation message, you will also find in your email a link directly to your personal area on the Spyfer site.

Once you have activated your account, you can search for the application on the site itself or on other app shops, and even on the google store. All you have to do is download it and install it on your device.

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To complete your project of spying on someone’s WhatsApp account, you first need the phone or other devices of your target’s to have a Spyfer app. In this case, you will need to get the person’s phone at some point. This way you can install the application.

Although Spyfer software can be used on all operating systems such as IOS or Android, it is incompatible with an Android system that is older than 4.O. Before you take ownership of your target’s smartphone, make sure that the Android version of the device is not out of date.

Once the phone is in your hands, go to «settings» then «application». In case the software is not from a app shop, click «unknown sources» then click »accept». After downloading the Spyfer software, conditions of use will appear on the screen. You must then click «next» and «install». To open the application, a warning poster will appear. Just check the box «I understand», «install» then «ok». Remote installation is also possible.


To avoid arousing the target’s suspicions, choose the stealth mode when installing Spyfer software. In this way, the application will be placed in the background of the phone menu and will become undetectable. As a security measure, you must also disable the antivirus software to allow the full installation of the spyware.

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Then, go to your Spyfer account and record the full name of the target’s person and the brand and operating system of their phone. If the target’s device is an iPhone or an iPad, you must know the iCloud ID and password.

When the hacked person’s details are recorded, you will be redirected to a page that offers the type of spying you want. To monitor a WhatsApp account, tap «social network spying».

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Once the spyware is turned on, you don’t need to be connected 7 days a week to check what your victim is doing. The Spyfer app has a recording system called « Spy Report » that captures all your target’s activities on their WhatsApp account, such as messages, calls, or notifications. This data will be transferred directly to your personal area.


When you have the target’s phone, check the Mac address of its WhatsApp account. Usurpation methods of this address may vary from one operating system to another.

If it is an Android, follow these steps: Settings>About Phone> Status> Wi-Fi MAC Address. For the Windows Phone system, here is the next step: Settings> About> More Info> MAC Address. As for the system of a BlackBerry, go to: Options> Device> Device and Status Info> MAC WLAN. For the iPhone operating system, follow these procedures: Settings> General> About> Wi-Fi Address.

However, it is essential that you also have your own WhatsApp account, since you will substitute your MAC address for that of your victim. Once the address is extracted and Spyfer software is installed on the target’s smartphone, return to your own device and change your MAC address to the victim’s.


After installing Spyfer software on the target’s phone, please open the Android Emulator terminal of your spy device and insert «ip link show» to display the interface of the WhatsApp account spied on your device. Then enter your victim’s MAC address.

After accessing the Android terminal, please insert this IP link «ip link set eth0 address MM:MM:MM:SS:SS:SS» on the address bar, click «enter» and «complete».  Once the process is complete, you can check using «ip link show eth0«in this terminal.

The victim’s address must appear on the interface. This shows that the account is completely under your control. For some WhatsApp account spying methods, the QR code must be hacked in addition to the MAC address. However, this method is not very useful in the use of the Spyfer application. Using this spyware, you can get your hands on messages, notifications, and other files from the target’s WhatsApp account. You can act on the account as if it were yours. However, avoid making changes on the page so that you don’t put the bullet in your target’s ear.

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