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Want to spy on an iPhone for free and discover everything your loved ones do on their smartphone? In this case, we can only offer you to use a free spyware for iPhone like Spyfer. Indeed, Spyfer allows you to spy for free on an iPhone with or without jailbreaking it. You could monitor the phone at any time, read text messages, e-mail messages and instant messaging messages. Spyfer can also filter phone calls, monitor social networks, locate the iPhone, read the phone’s calendar, manage different apps, etc. With Spyfer, you benefit from a quality service when it comes to iPhone spying, and it’s free! Don’t wait any longer and discover everything you need to do to spy on an iPhone for free with Spyfer spyware.

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Thanks to Spyfer, you can spy on an iPhone for free and at any time. In fact, your target’s phone only needs to connect to the Internet for Spyfer to detect and spy on it. You don’t even need to log in all the time to your Spyfer personal area. The free spyware for iPhone already records everything automatically. If you want to know what the target’s phone did at a certain point in time, you only have to read Spyfer’s spy reports. Spyfer gives you the power to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking or with jailbreaking.


To monitor your target’s phone, i.e. the iPhone, you don’t need to have it all the time. With Spyfer, you are likely to spy for free on an iPhone from your own phone or from a computer, at your leisure. Spyfer’s easy-to-use interface suggests sophisticated spying entirely remotely to its users. The iPhone spyware for iPhone even allows you to instantly track the iPhone’s activity from your smartphone! As a bonus, the owner of the iPhone will not even know that Spyfer is installed on his phone…

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By adopting Spyfer as free spyware, you have the ability to configure the type of spying you want to do without being a computer professional. From the moment you log in, Spyfer will guide you through everything you need to do and the monitoring options to use. In addition, you have the ability to enable spying on social networks, phone calls, SMS messages received and sent, GPS tracking, internet browsing, etc. At any time, you can also disable device monitoring if you no longer need to spy on an iPhone for free.


Nowadays, iPhone mobile device users are growing in number. Since this, Apple phones offer many features such as app installation, camera, audio and document playback, data security, iCloud storage, young and old people are increasingly attracted to the iPhone smartphone.

You too may have relatives (children, spouse, etc.) who have adopted the iPhone as a mobile phone. If so, then you may want or need to spy on their iPhones. Needless to say, the iPhone is much more than a mobile phone or a camera. It’s mostly a way to store or share your data with people you know. Moreover, this Apple mobile device offers a much more advanced security of data and applications. Consider Messenger. On iPhone, Messenger becomes iMessage and the application can be impenetrable without a password. Because of these additional features, spying on an iPhone for free becomes increasingly difficult. If you don’t use the right spyware, you may never know what your children or partner is doing on their iPhone and you may have trouble protecting them. Fortunately, there is Spyfer, the free iPhone spyware that allows you to overcome all the security constraints developed by Apple and spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking.


Your child has an iPhone that you want to secretly spy on? Do you suspect your spouse’s loyalty and would you like to see what happens in his or her iPhone to clear your suspicions? Would you like to protect your corporate data and make sure no employee shares it with their iPhone? If any of these cases concern you, we suggest you make use of the free spyware for iPhone Spyfer. Let us let you know the different possibilities that Spyfer offers to spy an iPhone without jailbreaking or to spy an iPhone with jailbreaking. You will see below how to make Spyfer functional on an iPhone and what types of spying can be done with a device without jailbreak or a device with jailbreak…

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How to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking?

If you want to spy on an iPhone with Spyfer without having to jailbreak it, you have two possibilities. The first is to get the iCloud ID and password of the targeted person. Then you just need to log into your Spyfer account and activate iPhone spying without jailbreak by inserting the iCloud ID and password. We can understand that it is not always easy to get a username and password. But if it’s a close friend of yours, you may have a lot more luck… The second way to spy on an iPhone without jailbreak is to get the phone in question and install Spyfer from that phone in the background. Then go to your Spyfer account and activate spying. Spying on an iPhone without jailbreak works with all versions of the iPhone.

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Spy an iPhone without jailbreaking: what can be done?

Here’s what you can do when it comes to iPhone spying without jailbreaking:

  • Monitor calls and messages received or sent by the target’s phone
  • Manage available contacts on the phone repertoire with the option to delete or create a blacklist
  • Viewing Apps Installed on the Phone
  • Ability to view the internet browsing history of the target’s phone
  • Reading iPhone notes and events in the calendar
  • Spying on social networks and instant messaging like WhatsApp or Facebook


What about jailbreak?

Before you start, you should know that spying on an iPhone jailbroken with Spyfer can only be done if the iPhone has these versions: 7 to 8.4 or 9.0 to 9.1. To spy on a jailbroken iPhone, you need to get the target’s phone and of course, the jailbreaker. Then go to the Apple Store and download Spyfer. If you don’t want people to know that the iPhone is being monitored by a free iPhone spyware, you have the option of not putting a Spyfer icon on the display. Once these steps have been completed, all you have to do is log in to Spyfer and access your personal space to confirm the free spying of the iPhone.


If you want to spy on a jailbroken IPhone, Spyfer gives you access to these options:

  • Monitor calls and messages sent or received by the target’s phone
  • Filtering and Blocking Phone Calls
  • Reading SMS and MMS, even those already deleted by the phone
  • Spying on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat
  • Reading IMs: iMessage, Viber, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Geolocation of telephone
  • Keylogger or recording what the keyboard writes
  • Internet browsing control with the ability to block certain websites
  • Report on various activities performed by the telephone
  • Phone cleaning (photo, video, music, documents, phone contacts, etc.)
  • Etc.


If you have a minor child that you want to protect or would like to monitor, you have the perfect right to use Spyfer to spy on their iPhone for free. Parents spying on an iPhone is considered parental control on minors. However, if you want to spy on an iPhone that belongs to your spouse or other relative for free, the law requires that you first have written permission from the person concerned before you start monitoring their iPhone. In fact, it is strictly forbidden to spy on an iPhone belonging to an adult for free, if you do not inform them beforehand. If that targeted person finds out you’re spying on their cell phone, they can sue you. Finally, if your employees use an iPhone belonging to your company and you want to spy on it, you can safely install the Spyfer free iPhone spyware. However, as a matter of courtesy, you should inform your employee that the phone they are using is equipped with a spyware.

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