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Currently, Facebook is the most used social network worldwide. Indeed, almost all adults and teenagers who have access to the Internet have already opened an account on Facebook. At least once in their lives. If Facebook remains so popular, it is not for nothing… With Facebook, we can communicate with our friends by private message or by video call. We have the opportunity to share our lives, make stories, integrate groups, publish photos and videos. If you want to protect your child from these risks while allowing him or her to remain on Facebook, opt for free spyware for Facebook like Spyfer. This type of free phone spyware allows you to spy on Facebook while remaining invisible.

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spy on facebook with free spyware


With free spyware for Facebook, you can watch the news feed of the account you are spying on. In fact, it is a matter of hacking the phone and therefore being able to access the Facebook account. You’ll see what your friends are doing, group or page postings, etc. All in all, you’ll have the opportunity to access things that interest your child, spouse or employee.


Spying on Facebook for free, is also accessing all social network notifications. If, for example, someone likes or reacts to the photo of the target’s Facebook account, you will be immediately informed. Access to these notifications will let you know what your loved ones are doing on Facebook and who is interested in these activities.


With Spyfer, you can also read private messages on Facebook, whether from the social network itself or on Messenger. If you choose, you may even see all messages deleted, archived, or sent to blocked people. All these features will help you know whether or not your loved ones are in danger with his current Facebook account.

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Free Facebook spying can be led to many reasons. For starters, if you have a child, you are likely to be worried about his education, his dating and what he is doing outside the home or in his own phone. For example, parents prefer to hack Facebook or other social networks to better monitor their child rather than forbid their child to have a life outside the home. Then there are certain couples who do not trust each other or people who doubt the loyalty of their spouse. When you want to be sure that your partner is faithful or not, spying on Facebook for free is one of the best solutions. Because on Facebook, you can find really personal information. Finally, if you are an entrepreneur with employees, you may also be led to spy on Facebook to see whether or not your employees disclose important information about your company.

free spyware for facebook


Spy Facebook for free? Know what your kids are doing on this social network? Would you like to make sure your partner is faithful? You want to protect your business data? In this case, we could only advise you to use free spyware for Facebook. With this type of tool, you will have access to all the activities that take place in the Facebook account of your loved ones. Among the spyware that currently exists, we can only advise you to opt for Spyfer, because in addition to spying on Facebook for free, Spyfer also has other very interesting features… Like to know who is looking at your profile.


To spy on Facebook for free, you can opt for several methods.

Method 1: Push the person you want to spy to connect to your phone.

If you can convince the person you’re spying to sign in on your phone to access their Facebook account, that person’s Facebook account might be automatically registered in your cell phone. Later, you will have the opportunity to reopen the account and watch everything that happens. Although this method is quite easy, it is not 100% reliable. When you sign in, the person will decide whether or not to register their account in your smartphone. Also, at any time, she has the possibility to remotely disconnect all her Facebook accounts in other devices.

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You could also try the forgotten password method to connect to another Facebook account. To do this, you should first know the user through which your loved one connects. Put this ID in the login bar and click « forgotten password ». Facebook will send a restore password via SMS or email and you only have to follow the steps to change the account password. The difficulty with this method is that when you click on « forgotten password », you must have access to the target’s person’s SMS or email.

Method 2: Use websites to hack Facebook

This third method is only to be done if you have no possibility of taking the target’s phone, as it remains quite unpredictable. To do this, do a google search on how to hack Facebook. You will then see several sites that will offer you to hack an account that you know just by inserting their user name into the site. Test this method and see for yourself whether it works or not. Indeed, opinions about this method diverge, as some people claim to have been able to spy on Facebook for free while others say it is simply a scam.

Method 3: Choose Free Spyware for Facebook

Finally, the safest way to spy on Facebook for free is to use spyware. With spyware, enjoy free, reliable, and discreet Facebook spying. You don’t need to log into the target’s account to see all their activities on Facebook. With that, she won’t even know that we’re monitoring her account or digging into her messages. In addition to this, spyware has several properties other than Facebook spying. With spyware, you enter the phone completely and can monitor everything that happens there: messages, calls, email, photos, videos, social networks, etc.


To spy on Facebook for free, there is nothing better than a free spyware for Facebook like Spyfer. This software is compatible with iPhone but also with all Android phones. If you decide to opt for this monitoring program to access the Facebook social network, here are the steps to follow…

  • Download Spyfer to target’s phone

This step certainly seems to be the most difficult, as you need to get the target’s phone for a while. Even if it is possible to spy on a phone remotely, without installation. In any case, if it is possible, all you have to do is download and install Spyfer inside the target’s phone. This will be undetectable because it does not have an icon on the target’s phone. In case you could unfortunately not take the smartphone to its owner for a while, you can still use Spyfer as spyware without installation. For more information, read our dedicated page.

  • Sign into your personal account

After installing Spyfer on the target’s phone, you can put the cell phone back to its place. Then take your own phone or computer and log into your personal area using a username and password. From your personal area, enable target’s phone spying.

  • Configure different spying methods

Once Spyfer has linked your account to the phone you want to spy on, all you must do is set up the different spying methods. For Facebook, search your personal area for the button that enables free Facebook spying. Thanks to this, you will receive the various spying reports from the Facebook account you are spying on. You can also set up Spyfer to send you reports on social networks other than Facebook and even on calls and messages from the target’s phone. As for the law, remember that it is illegal to spy on Facebook for free on an adult if you do not have permission from that person. However, if your child is a minor, you can use Spyfer without his knowledge.

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