How to hack a phone? [Detailed step by step tutorial]

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Hacking a phone can be very easy if you know how to arm yourself with good equipment. In fact, accessing a phone remotely does not necessarily require developed computer skills. In this day and age, many software programs can take on the most difficult tasks. How to hack a phone? Discover our detailed tutorial.


Before you hack a phone, whether it’s your spouse, child, or employee, you need to know what the law is. If hacking your child’s phone is considered parental control, hacking an adult’s phone can be much more complex. Without the permission of the person in question, it is illegal to hack the phone of a person over 18 years of age. Before you begin, be aware of this risk.


The first step in remotely controlling another person’s phone is to choose the right software. And as hacking software, there are spywares that install in the background on the person’s phone.

Why Spyware?

Spyware is the most reliable way to talk about hacking or phone spying. Of course, it is perfectly possible that you will come across websites that offer this type of service. Nevertheless, these sites represent in most cases scams that will require you to pay most of the time for no satisfactory outcome. The spyware, on the other hand, provides easy access to many phone features.


In the world of virtual espionage, mSpy presents itself as the best spyware for phone. This application offers many features that will allow you to manage another phone remotely as if it was yours. You could also control outgoing and incoming calls, read all messages (even those already deleted), open and view all accounts on social networks, manage instant messaging, access media files and enable geolocation. What sets mSpy apart from other spywares, however, is its keylogger functionality that records what the laptop owner writes from their keyboard. With mSpy, one can then easily know the password, and each on one of their thoughts, of the targeted person. This spyware is compatible with iOS and Android phones.


Hoverwatch is a monitoring application that has the same features as mSpy apart from the Keylogger. The software can also be installed on Android smartphones and iPhones. Although Hoverwatch promises powerful phone hacking features, many people are not completely satisfied with the software. According to them, Hoverwatch frequently suffers bugs that make hacking difficult or even impossible.


Spyfer is a free software that offers to hack a phone remotely. You don’t really need any skills to use Spyfer. Just follow the guide already provided by the software. Spyfer is just as efficient as mSpy. You will access many features: SMS, MMS and IM monitoring, social and call management, access to phone data, geolocation, number blocking, etc.

If you want to choose a reliable spyware that is competitive in price, we advise you to choose Spyfer or mSpy.


Now that you know what spyware to use for remote phone hacking, let’s move on to the second step, which is to purchase the software.

Go to a reliable sales site

To get your monitoring app, go to reliable sales sites. Most spywares are only marketed on the Internet. If this method is very convenient for users, it could be very dangerous if you come across fake softwares’ sales sites. As a result, you must choose the site where you want to purchase the monitoring software. We advise you to visit the official website of the software, the certified sites of the software resellers, or the major sales platforms like Amazon or Cdiscount. If a website seems strange to you, avoid shopping there and leaving your credit card numbers.

Create Account

Once you have chosen the sales site, proceed to your purchase. You will then be asked to create an account with your details. First, you will need to fill in your full name and email. You will then create a password for your future connections.

Select the device to spy on

After you have typed in your essential information, you must select the device you want to hack. In general, a good spyware always offers a device on iOS and Android. Some sophisticated applications will even allow you to hack into hardware on Windows. From these operating systems, choose the phone you want to hack.

Choose your subscription

The spyware will probably offer several subscriptions that can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It will also offer you several prices depending on the available features. So choose the option that suits you best. In most cases, to use a maximum of features, you should route or jailbreak the target’s phone.

Skip to payment

Once you have made your choice of the formula that best suits you, proceed to payment. You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) or by PayPal. After payment, a registration code will be sent to you. This code is to be inserted on the target’s phone to access the monitoring.


As we said before, you are likely to rooter or jailbreak the target’s phone to take advantage of all the features of the spyware. Of course, some features remain available without going through this procedure. In this third step, we will look at how to install the spyware on the target’s phone.

Get Target’s Phone

To get started, you need to get the target’s phone. If the person allows you to install spyware on their phone, you can ask them for their phone when the time comes. However, if the person does not know that you plan to install spyware on their phone, you must find a way to avoid getting caught. In any case, the spyware installation takes only 5 minutes. If the connection is good, it can even be installed much faster.

Enable « Unknown Sources»

Once the target’s phone is in your hands, go to « Settings », « Application » then « Unknown Sources ». Allow the target’s phone to accept software from an unknown source, that is, not from the Playstore or Apple Store. A warning message will appear when you enable « Unknown Sources », click « Accept ».

Download the app to hack the phone

Then download the app by going to Chrome or another browser of your choice. Go to A code to copy to a bar will then appear. Enter this code in the designated area and click Download or « Install ». The app will download automatically to the phone. Don’t worry, this operation only takes a few seconds if the connection is good.

Install the spyware

The spyware will open, state the terms of use, always click « Next » then « Install », a warning will appear, check « I understand and still want to install it » then OK. Installing spyware is easy and accessible to everyone.

Open Application

When the download is complete, open the application. Agree to the terms of use by clicking « Next » and « Finish ». Then choose whether to put this application in the background. If the phone owner doesn’t know you’re installing a hacker on their phone, choose to put in the background. This will make the spyware undetectable. Then enter the registration code that was provided to you after you purchased the software. Once the code is inserted, the software will take a few minutes to install, depending on the options it will support for the phone.

When the monitoring program is discreetly installed, you just have to put the phone back in its place as if nothing had happened.


Spyware is now installed on your target’s phone. Now it’s time to set your spying preferences.

Connect to Spyware Site

First, go to the official spyware site. Then click « » Connection. There, insert your username or email and password. Then click « Connect » to access your account.

Save target’s phone

Second, you must register the target’s phone with your account. Go to Settings and select « Phone to hack ». Two bars will appear. The first is to insert the name of the phone. The target’s phone name must be filled in. As a result, you must know it before installing the spyware. Remember to look at the name of the target’s phone in your hands. On the second bar, you will be asked to put the target’s phone number. This step is optional. If you don’t want to, don’t put a number. Be careful though, since you could not put the phone number and not write the name of the phone, the latter being the means for the spyware to identify the smartphone to be hacked.

Enable spying

When the target’s phone is registered and accepted by the spyware, you will be redirected to a page that will ask you for your different preferences. Here you could select the types of spying you wish to carry out (e.g. call handling, social network spying, phone file handling, etc.). Of course, it’s not just spying, you also have the ability to block certain apps, blacklist numbers, spy text messages, etc. In short, you can manage the phone as if it was yours. Same for spying on a Tinder account.

You can also turn on reporting to see what the target’s phone is doing even if you don’t sign in to your account. Finally, you have the option to activate the notification in case you consider it urgent. If, for example, the target’s phone is in a red zone (a perimeter you have defined as unsafe), you will receive a notification.


Are all your features set up correctly? Now go to the target’s phone monitoring. There are two options: Instant monitoring and reading spy reports.

Hack Instantly

Watch the phone you’re targeting in real time to see what it’s doing. By doing instant spying, spyware will behave like a hidden camera. This way, you will see everything the owner of the target’s phone does. You can even undo some of its directives. However, if you don’t want to get caught, don’t make any changes to the target’s phone while the owner is using it.

Read spy reports

You can’t always log in to your account and watch everything the target’s phone does 24 hours a day, which is why spyware automatically takes spy reports. This allows you to log out at any time without losing any of the movements of the target’s phone. To avoid clutter, select the type of spying you want to be transcribed with regular reports. Want spyware to hack your phone? Go for Spyfer!

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